A Straightforward Breakdown Of Real-world Vegas Tactics

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Winning strategy: How to play blackjack

(Alejandro Tamayo / The San Diego Union-Tribune) If the dealer goes over 21, that’s a bust and everyone at the table gets paid. Another way the player can win is when they get blackjack — when they receive an ace and 10 value card (10, jack, queen or king) on the first two cards. The bet is paid 1 ½ times, so a $10 bet pays $15. If you stay, but the dealer’s hand is higher than yours and 21 or under. (If your hand and the dealer’s hand tie, or are of the same value, say 19, you PUSH. You neither lose your bet nor win.) If the dealer hits blackjack; everyone at the table loses. When the dealer’s exposed card up card is an ace, players have the option to buy insurance. This is a side bet made if the player thinks the dealer has blackjack (with a 10-value card) below. The player can place a new wager up to half of their original bet on the insurance line. If the dealer has blackjack, the original bet loses and the insurance bet pays 2:1. So the player either loses nothing or at least minimized their losses.

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